‘Log2space Edge’ Router Server
  Overview of ‘Log2space Edge’ Router Server

The Log2space Edge Router is a Server which is located at the Edge of the Broadband Network of the ISP and support different types of network topologies viz. LAN Networks (Fiber, Co-axial or CAT 5), CMTS with Cable Modems based Broadband Networks, Wireless Broadband Networks and Wireless LAN Networks.

The Log2space Edge Router functions in tandem with the Log2space Central Server which effectively controls the complete functioning of the Log2space Edge Router Server.

The Log2space Edge Router has a Console Panel with basic functionality which includes IP Change facility, trouble shooting (like IP Pool synchronization with Central), basic network utilities, Start / stop of services like Radius, PPPoE Server and Server Restart / Shutdown.

The feature list of the Log2space Edge Router is similar to the Log2space Standalone Server, the only difference being that it does not have any database, nor any web-interface on the server itself (all these being controlled by the Log2space Central Server).

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